Prof. Dr. H. U. Wolf

Prior to joining the Centre for the Issue of Expert Opinions as a freelance consultant, he was active since 1977 as human and general toxicologist in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Ulm. Here he did research and teaching in quite a number of branches of toxicology. Furthermore, he was involved in examinations of students and in consulting.

During his tenure at the University of Ulm and subsequently in the Centre for the Issue of Expert Opinions Prof. Wolf acquired extensive experience in the field of toxicological expertise, especially in toxicology reports in numerous processes concerning occupational diseases at Social Courts and Higher Social Courts. Another field of activity are expert opinions in civil and criminal cases at Local Courts, Regional Courts and Higher Regional Courts.

Furthermore, there is a decades activity as an expert in the field of medical technology, especially in the assessment of the physiological and respiratory physiological safety of medical devices in patient´s care.

He is a member of the German Society of Toxicology and the European Society of Toxicology. Furthermore he is accredited as Eurotox Toxicologist.